News | 15 Jul 2019

€12 million invested in plastic waste to wax factory in Co. Laois

12 million euro is being invested in to the world’s first dedicated plastic waste to wax factory in Co. Laois.

The facility – which is being opened in Portlaoise today (17th July 2019) – will see plastic that would usually end up in landfill turned into an eco-friendly wax.

The wax is then used to make products such as lipstick, candles, crayons and even chewing gum.

Chief Executive of Trifol Darragh Gilmore says innovative facilities like this are what’s needed to tackle climate change.

From their website;

Introducing a new breakthrough in sustainable wax


It’s nothing short of an environmental scandal. Every year the world produces 350 million tonnes of plastic, but only 9% is ever recycled. The vast majority of old plastic is burnt, sent to landfill, or ends up in the ocean.

Plastic is a global problem

The world is finally waking up to the urgent need for a more responsible approach to plastic waste – so here’s an innovation with huge potential impact. Trifol is the Irish technology company that’s developed and patented a revolutionary process for transforming plastic waste into high-grade wax.

Wax is everywhere

You’ll find wax used as an essential ingredient in many everyday products – from lipstick and paint to chewing gum and food packaging. But most of that wax is currently derived from petroleum, itself an unsustainable raw material.

What makes Trifol wax unique?

  • The sustainable choiceEvery tonne of Trifol wax we produce prevents 1.5 tonnes of plastic waste polluting the environment.
  • High grade guaranteedTrifol wax is chemically identical to ‘virgin wax’ and can be used in any application, from printer ink to waxed fruit.
  • Growing global demandChanges in the oil industry have led to a worldwide shortage of wax. And demand for wax is growing four times faster than supply.
  • A proven, patented processTrifol technology is based on years of R&D at Queen’s University Belfast. Our IP is protected by four patents.
  • An efficient, virtuous cycleRecovering wax from plastic creates by-products like diesel and naphtha. None of them go to waste.

Trifol Resource Limited

Unit 1, Clonminam Business Park, Portlaoise, R32P380, Co Laois, Ireland

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