Career Advice | 31 Jul 2018

Thinking about taking on an Apprentice? ​​​​

If you are an employer who is thinking of taking on an Apprentice or if you are looking to register an apprentice, you should contact the ​apprenticeship section in your local Education and Training Board (ETB).  ​Details of your local ETB can be found on the link below. As soon as you are ready to recruit your Apprentice give a shout and we’ll advertise the vacancy for you. If you're looking for more information on becoming an apprentice you should contact the apprenticeship section in your local ETB office. There's some new and exciting apprenticeships out now and more coming down the line.  Check out these ones below - further information is available from the lead for each of these apprenticeships by clicking the links or visiting website:

Apprenticeships are currently available and are being developed across a wide range of industries and sectors. A full list of these is available here: List of Apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships currently available include those in  Construction, Electrical, Engineering, Finance, Hospitality and Motor. For further information on any of these individual apprenticeships click on the relevant links below.

Construction Electrical Engineering Finance Hospitality ICT Motor To become an apprentice in one of the crafts marked with an asterisk (*) applicants must pass the Ishihara Colour Vision Test (24 Plate Edition). For further information, contact the Apprenticeship section in your local Education and Training Board. MORE INFORMATION HERE;  
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